starbucks coffee logo evolution

What Does Your Logo Say About You?

Logos are the single most recognized element of a brand or company. You don’t need a degree in advertising or marketing to identify companies by their logos i.e. a swoosh, a bitten apple, a jockey on a horse, etc. These three logos belong to well-established businesses known internationally solely by their trademark, a shared goal […]

Here Is Google’s New Cookie Recipe

An anonymous tip has shaken the online world. Google is producing an anonymous identifier for advertising, or AdID, an alternative for third-party cookies, which contributes to advertisers tracking of people’s Internet browsing activity for marketing purposes. This new project, which was discovered through an anonymous, reliable Google source, is intended to make browsing more secure, […]

Google sign

A Salute to Google’s Algorithm Mysteries

In the SEO world, internet marketers seem to have mixed feelings about the soap opera of Google updates. One day SEO experts are praising Google for boosting up their sites and penalizing spammy pages, and the next they’re complaining about not knowing enough about the algorithm. But, I thank Google that while their update mascots may […]

socialink app networking

SociaLink: Networking Made Easy

As the saying goes, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”, especially when it comes to building your online presence. When connecting with friends and fellow businessmen, adding people on social media sites is second nature for businesses. These sites act as an effective platform for content sharing and link-building to boost your reputability […]

Earth with clouds above the African continent

28 Years Later, Google Timelapse Project

Google, along with the U.S. Geological Survey, NASA, Time magazine, and Create Lab at Carnegie Mellon University, teamed up to launch a new project that showcases how the Earth has transformed over the last 28 years. This endeavor, called Timelapse, displays environmental changes of the planet. “Users can go back in time and get a […]

Dances with Atoms, IBM Makes a Film With Atoms

Dances with Atoms is a perfect blend of art and science on film. The brilliant nano physicists at IBM invented a technology that allows them to move single atoms – the smallest particles of any element in the universe – to form any shape they desire. So what did they do with this ground breaking technology? Well, a […]

How drumBEAT is Different

The online marketing world can be big and scary. Finding the right fit for your company can be difficult and very daunting, considering there are hundreds of companies telling you that they “will rank you number one in (enter numerical value here) days!!” We at drumBEAT don’t want to add to that scariness by throwing […]

Inbound Marketing VS Outbound Marketing

With millions of internet-users browsing the web each day, businesses want to get their hands on the best marketing methods to capture this growing population. SEO professionals swear by various processes, leaving those searching to promote their site overwhelmed. Although there may be hundreds of different ways to increase your site’s popularity, did you know […]

The Benefits of Collaborative Design

The Effects of The Open Source Movement On Web Designers. Back at a time when computers were still fairly new, it proved difficult to find knowledgeable programmers.  The internet has changed this system where its now easier than ever to study on a unique design or development topic. Software and web developers are now working hand-in-hand […]

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