Twitter Ad Group Enhances Advertising Platform

On Monday, Twitter announced it had enhanced its Ads Editor by adding a new component to its ad structure. Previously, Ads Editor only managed campaigns (advertising objectives, timing, budgets) and creatives (promoted tweets). With Ads Group, you can add several levels of targeting to campaigns and creatives. This is huge for marketers who have been […]

man in black crew neck t-shirt covering face with hands

Business Marketing-Don’t Make This Mistake

In 2013 it felt like I learned something new everyday. Really, ask my team, those poor unfortunate souls had to sit through it all. Sometimes I had so much to share that I couldn’t even put the first sentence together because I wanted to share a multitude of information but couldn’t figure out where to begin. […]

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Online Marketing: In-House or Agency?

A main concern of any growing business is, are we doing things the right way? Meaning, are we doing all that we can to make sure that the business has a foundation for longevity. Marketing/advertising is just one realm that this question can fall into, especially when deciding if your marketing should be done within your […]

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Top 3 Places to Get Fair-Use Images

Did you know that at the immediate point of creation of a work in a “tangible medium”, legal protection applies through automatic copyright? Unless you post images generated on your own, or have obtained a license to use images owned by another party, you could be infringing upon a copyright. Sounds fantastic, right? This violation […]

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