Twitter Ad Group Enhances Advertising Platform

On Monday, Twitter announced it had enhanced its Ads Editor by adding a new component to its ad structure. Previously, Ads Editor only managed campaigns (advertising objectives, timing, budgets) and creatives (promoted tweets). With Ads Group, you can add several levels of targeting to campaigns and creatives.

This is huge for marketers who have been looking for a solution to make changes to add a variety targeting IDs to a campaign. This tool allows Twitter to continue building on their current advertising platform to compete with the efforts of other social channels, such as Facebook.

Overview of Twitter Ads Editor
Ads editor is a tool that Twitter announced last summer that enhanced the business management side to optimizing ads. It provided a seamless way to create and edit campaigns the best way marketers know how – excel. Through Twitter, you can export a spreadsheet of campaigns and campaign details from a certain date range and make large scale edits and additions to campaigns.

New “Ad Groups”
According to Twitter, the ad groups adds a new level to current campaign structure. In addition to the existing components (campaigns and creatives), Ad Groups creates a way to increase depth to an ad buy. This tool allows you to add multiple ad groups (such as location, gender, device, language) to a single campaign.

For example, if you have one objective, such as increasing Twitter engagements, you can create multiple ad groups for each campaign. Creatives (or tweets) correspond to each ad group level. With the ads editor bulk export, you can edit or create multiple campaigns in one spreadsheet.

You can also learn more about Twitter’s new addition through Twitter Flight School, which contains a brief overview of Ad Groups. This high level overview provides a framework for editing, creating, and measuring campaigns with ad groups.

Twitter Flight School
As a part of Twitter’s business model, they also have an educational component called Twitter Flight School where marketers can go to learn more about advertising options, efficiencies, and marketing on Twitter. This learning platform has been around for years for exclusive partners but was only made public starting January 2016. The modules cover everything from which promotions are most effective for your campaign to how to talk to naysayers who are trying to move away from Twitter.

  • Twitter 101 – What Twitter is, intro to ads, and how to use it in a marketing mix or standalone.
  • Content Planning – Outlines content based on their formula (measuring goals, listening, inspire, development, and execution.)
  • Objective-Based Campaigns – Reviews goals and guidelines on types of campaigns with the best success.
  • Reach the Right People – Connecting message with targeted audiences through different types of ads.
  • Marketing Plays with Twitter – How Twitter fits into larger marketing campaigns and building strategies for brands.

Upon completion of the course, you receive a diploma and badge so you can frame it for your office and tell your mom so she can brag to her friends. You also have the option to explore new topics like ad groups, media planning, and tweet copy best practices.

What does this mean for business?
As social media presence continues to grow and advertisers look to different way to reach their target audiences, social leaders will create paths for businesses to use their platforms. The impact is not as much the scope of this new component as it is the momentum.

The biggest takeaway is the rate at which Twitter is introducing efficiencies to their ad platform. They introduced Ads Editor in August 2015, Twitter Flight Plan was made public in January 2016 and Ad Groups released in April 2016. It will be interesting to watch for additional adjustments and inclusions to make their business model more appealing to brands and marketers.

What do you think about Twitters new update? Is Twitter an #AdMaster or #AdDisaster?

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