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How SEO is like Weight Loss

As you may have heard before, and I cannot possibly stress this enough, not all SEO is created equal.  And in a lot of ways, improving your online presence is like trying to lose weight. Most people can relate to the time, patience and frustration that goes into weight loss. SEO is not much different. Like weight loss, it doesn’t happen overnight, nor should it.

Yet despite the fact that most people know this, we are still constantly bombarded with ads about quick, effortless weight loss products from pills to meal plans to videos, you name it.  In the end, you’re likely to either a.) see results that happen quickly and fade even quicker or b.) see no results at all.

SEO is not so different in this respect. There are thousands of people who claim to do SEO and will even promise first-page rankings for a low price. There’s a reason these offers sound almost too good to be true. Many of these companies use deceptive SEO schemes which may get results – temporarily. However, Google is constantly finding ways to prevent these sites from ranking high on the search engine with continuous updates. Remember our good friends Penguin and Panda? Generally, these updates will cause the illegitimately high-ranked sites to drop dramatically along with your online reputation.

Using good SEO, on the other hand, is more like creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle. You may spend more and there’s no guarantee that you’ll see results right away. The benefits however, will be clear in the long run. Not only will you feel good about doing it the right way, but the results will be long-lasting. From an SEO perspective, this means that Google updates will only serve to help you increase your ranking by bumping down competitors who didn’t choose to take the high road and once you have established a dominant online presence, it will be more difficult for newer sites to outrank you.

So if you’re looking to do SEO with a company, do your research. Make sure they are trustworthy and will optimize your site the right way. Even if it’s cheaper to choose the “crash diet” SEO route, as I like to call it, you will spend more in the long run as Google continues to update its algorithm, pushing your site deeper and deeper into oblivion (aka Google pages three to infinity).


  1. It is an interesting article shared here Karina. I liked reading your article and its fantastic.
    As mentioned in the article is that SEO does not happen overnight and it takes time. SEO is a thing which is taken patiently and you need to give time.

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