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Why Google Updates Its Algorithm

Google Updates for Quality

Each year Google changes its search algorithm hundreds of times. These updates help improve the quality of Google’s results by raising the rankings of quality websites and dropping the rankings of others. However, there are many page owners who attempt to cheat the system to get their website on the front page. Constant updates to the algorithm help Google tell the difference between these pages and genuinely useful ones. Here’s are a few examples of updates to the Google algorithm.

Google Penguin

This algorithm change rolled out in April 2012. The Penguin update focused on lowering

the ranking of over-optimized pages. The Google changes implemented in this update were aimed a decreasing the search results rankings of numerous pages that used “Black Hat SEO” methods. Penguin affected websites that deliberately attempted to manipulate their rankings by extensive keyword stuffing, abusing links, and spinning content.

Google Panda

The Panda update was first released in early 2011 and has undergone 22 changes as of November 21, 2012. This algorithm update targeted websites that offered low-quality content or had many advertisements. Many pages that lacked original information-rich content suffered in the Google rankings after these updates. Google created this update to reward sites that make an effort to improve user experience.

Google 7 Pack

In August of 2012, Google started to display map information for the top 7 places related to a search term rather than the top 10. This change was Google’s way of optimizing the front page by dropping a few of the localized results. Many searchers don’t look beyond the first results page and the local businesses that dropped off of the first page, also felt the drop in traffic. This recently was changed again to incorporate only the first 3 listings, instead of the first 7.

Keeping Your Rank When Google Changes the Algorithm

Google will continue to make changes to its search algorithm. The only way to keep your site highly ranked is to keep your viewers engaged by providing easily accessible and valuable content. Build the content of your website around your audience. What are they looking for? What can you provide your viewers that no one else can? Constantly post fresh information to keep your audience coming back. And always encourage readers to share your content to to others.

Knowing the important elements to getting a high search engine ranking is valuable for your website. Understanding how not to over-do it is also very important. By implementing well-thought out SEO practices, you can prevent your website from slipping in the rankings when Google changes how it ranks websites.

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