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How to Prevent Employees from Damaging the Company’s Image

Social Media and Consumer Perceptions In developing your brand, the customers’ perception is everything. Entire advertising campaigns are developed to focus on improving the consumer’s perception of a product, ultimately resulting in increased sales. So, if a positive perception can improve outcomes, it is reasonable to assume a negative perception can hurt outcomes. In 2012, […]

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Top 3 Places to Get Fair-Use Images

Did you know that at the immediate point of creation of a work in a “tangible medium”, legal protection applies through automatic copyright? Unless you post images generated on your own, or have obtained a license to use images owned by another party, you could be infringing upon a copyright. Sounds fantastic, right? This violation […]

most horrifying web design mistakes

Most Horrifying Web Design Mistakes

If there is one thing I truly hate about my job (and it’s literally the ONLY thing), it’s the hyper awareness I have gained about web design since I started working here. It’s actually a curse to Google anything and realize that things that would previously have gone unnoticed suddenly annoy me with the intensity […]

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What Does Your Logo Say About You?

Logos are the single most recognized element of a brand or company. You don’t need a degree in advertising or marketing to identify companies by their logos i.e. a swoosh, a bitten apple, a jockey on a horse, etc. These three logos belong to well-established businesses known internationally solely by their trademark, a shared goal […]

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