Mt. Rushmore during daytime

Wanted Dead or Alive: Famous Faces On Your Ads

Celebrities are no strangers to marketing campaigns and advertisements; Got Milk? CoverGirl, Pepsi, and Proactiv are all campaigns that found immense success after splashing famous faces across their print ads. But what happens when you begin to use deceased celebrities as your spokesperson? “It’s nice to put a face to a name.” Using a well-known […]

black android smartphone on white table

Google-Lovers Get Taught By Siri

This year, Siri taught me (a hardcore Google-addict) something so incredibly unexpected and illuminating. With just the press of a button, and a quick question I was taken out of the stone age, and into the future of search. Here’s how it all began: Long, long ago, homo sapiens were forced to peck away at […]

zombie marketing online

Dawn of The Zombie Marketing Apocalypse

It knows who you are, it watches your every online move even in the darkest hours, it’s lurking behind your computer screen, it’s… Zombie Marketing. On Monday, contributor to Jonathan Salem Baskin announced the rise of “Zombie Marketing” just in time for the upcoming spooky holiday season. According to the writer, this era of […]

Here Is Google’s New Cookie Recipe

An anonymous tip has shaken the online world. Google is producing an anonymous identifier for advertising, or AdID, an alternative for third-party cookies, which contributes to advertisers tracking of people’s Internet browsing activity for marketing purposes. This new project, which was discovered through an anonymous, reliable Google source, is intended to make browsing more secure, […]

Russian blue cat wearing yellow sunglasses

Meme Marketing

Meme Origins The word “meme,” which originated from the Greek word “mīmēma” meaning “something imitated,” is defined as “an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture.” The word was coined in 1976 by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in his book “The Selfish Gene.” In his book, he grasped […]

lisa simpson reading the bell jar novel

Describing SEO in Novel and Picture Book Terms

This past week, my fellow colleagues and I attended a convention in hopes of networking with potential clients and sharing our inbound marketing knowledge. We were indeed excited that we were the only marketing booth present at the convention and soon found that other professionals shared our enthusiasm for promoting businesses and small companies. There […]

low-angle photography of metal structure

Build Connections, Not A Client List

During a recent meeting on how we can better market our company, I raised the concern that we don’t talk enough. When I say “talking,” what I really I mean is networking, but I’m hesitant to use that term because it is overused in the marketing industry and tends to come with connotations of: mixers, […]

elvis dancing and singing- capture your audience

SEO Copywriting All Shook Up

Most SEO blog and copywriting enthusiasts have one goal in mind: answer the query. If your audience searches for it, boy you better have the answer; and it better be found in your title, meta descriptions, alt tags, and content. Because, nothing screams SEO taboo more than failing to focus on clear-cut, keyword-rich content in […]

mark zuckerberg-facebook and google

Google+ Just Isn’t as Good as Facebook

Facebook and Google should be nominated for award-winning roles in the most dramatic competition of the year. With these two mega-corporations constantly in the spotlight, it’s only natural for fans to feel the need to duke it out in a brawl between popular networking platforms Facebook and Google+. But is there really even a competition? Facebook Steals The […]

man in black crew neck shirt with red and white face paint

United Kingdom Plans to Filter the Internet

The Prime Minister for the United Kingdom, David Cameron, announced last week that the UK will implement a law that forces Internet Service Providers to block various kinds of websites unless users opt out of it. The measure has been pushed on the back of concerns over “pornography corroding childhoods,” but it was quickly revealed […]

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