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Why Google Updates Its Algorithm

Google Updates for Quality Each year Google changes its search algorithm hundreds of times. These updates help improve the quality of Google’s results by raising the rankings of quality websites and dropping the rankings of others. However, there are many page owners who attempt to cheat the system to get their website on the front […]

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How SEO is like Weight Loss

As you may have heard before, and I cannot possibly stress this enough, not all SEO is created equal.  And in a lot of ways, improving your online presence is like trying to lose weight. Most people can relate to the time, patience and frustration that goes into weight loss. SEO is not much different. Like […]

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Why Every Marketer Should Invest In a Camera

Copyrighted images. For content-creators who frequently embed images on web-pages, consider investing in a quality, professional camera. This will prevent copyright infringement on your behalf, while also allowing you to create image to your exact taste. Upload them, share them, even sell them. This may also be a great way to get your name out […]

Twitter Ad Group Enhances Advertising Platform

On Monday, Twitter announced it had enhanced its Ads Editor by adding a new component to its ad structure. Previously, Ads Editor only managed campaigns (advertising objectives, timing, budgets) and creatives (promoted tweets). With Ads Group, you can add several levels of targeting to campaigns and creatives. This is huge for marketers who have been […]


New Survey Says Advertisements on Facebook are “Intrusive”

Does it really surprise you? In June of 2013, Facebook boasted an astonishing 1 million “currently active” advertisers on the platform. Simultaneously, disgruntled Facebook addicts shook their heads in utter disappointment at their former social media hero Zuckerberg. Oh, the misery of the pristine Facebook walls now polluted, now tainted, by these horrendous advertisements! Okay, […]

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Business Marketing-Don’t Make This Mistake

In 2013 it felt like I learned something new everyday. Really, ask my team, those poor unfortunate souls had to sit through it all. Sometimes I had so much to share that I couldn’t even put the first sentence together because I wanted to share a multitude of information but couldn’t figure out where to begin. […]

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Logo Design Concepting For Business Owners

Google+ has become a beloved social media platform among the DrumBEAT Marketing office; some use it to post our informative blog posts, others use it to network with marketing professionals around the cyber world. Recently, one of my coworkers shared my “What Does Your Logo Say About You?” article when I came across a simple, […]

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How to Prevent Employees from Damaging the Company’s Image

Social Media and Consumer Perceptions In developing your brand, the customers’ perception is everything. Entire advertising campaigns are developed to focus on improving the consumer’s perception of a product, ultimately resulting in increased sales. So, if a positive perception can improve outcomes, it is reasonable to assume a negative perception can hurt outcomes. In 2012, […]

New Type of Spam – Call it TLAMES

There is a New Type of Spam to Worry About and its Name Spelled Backwards is TLAMES [Se m alt] I am writing it this way so as not to assist them in any way with getting the word out about them. I am taking this “Voldemort”[1] idea from a post by Will Grundy on […]

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Why SEO Is A Lot Like Cooking

For those of us who work in SEO, it can be really difficult to explain it in a way that’s simple enough to make sense to the average person. I’ve struggled with this countless times trying to explain to friends and family members what I do. I’ve heard every SEO misconception under the sun, from […]

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