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New Age Marketers: Analog By Birth, Digital By Design

Podcasts are a type of digital media that provide marketers with a great tool to create original content around topics they are deeply passionate. This new media also offers listeners valuable insight into the latest news and more invovling emerging trends and industry analysis. the industry, emerging trends, and the latest news and more. a particular […]

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The Way We Were: The Romance of Link Building, Part 2

This article is a continuation of Link Dating, The Romance of Link Building. With the final nail in the guest blogging coffin by Matt Cutts a few weeks back and with the impact Hummingbird has had on websites, many have been wondering if link building is also a thing of the past? The answer is […]

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When Marketing a Business Online, Call on Your Friends

A little story first. When I was going into 7th grade, my dad had just retired from the Navy and moved to of all places, Waco, TX. (I had spent my whole life up to then living near the ocean on the East coast. There is no ocean in Waco!) When I started school at […]

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Wanted Dead or Alive: Famous Faces On Your Ads

Celebrities are no strangers to marketing campaigns and advertisements; Got Milk? CoverGirl, Pepsi, and Proactiv are all campaigns that found immense success after splashing famous faces across their print ads. But what happens when you begin to use deceased celebrities as your spokesperson? “It’s nice to put a face to a name.” Using a well-known […]

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Conflict Resolution Techniques

Working in a small company has it’s ups and downs. On the upside, it makes collaboration easier, allowing everyone to work as a one rather than splitting up into micro-teams. While you get the benefits of operating like a small family, it can also be difficult at times to maintain the delicate balance between being […]

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Online Marketing: In-House or Agency?

A main concern of any growing business is, are we doing things the right way? Meaning, are we doing all that we can to make sure that the business has a foundation for longevity. Marketing/advertising is just one realm that this question can fall into, especially when deciding if your marketing should be done within your […]

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Top 3 Places to Get Fair-Use Images

Did you know that at the immediate point of creation of a work in a “tangible medium”, legal protection applies through automatic copyright? Unless you post images generated on your own, or have obtained a license to use images owned by another party, you could be infringing upon a copyright. Sounds fantastic, right? This violation […]

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4 Easiest Ways to Tell if an Image is Copyrighted

It’s time to clear up the blurred lines on copyrighted images: which photos are fair use online? If you’ve ever longed to add some flare to your website, blog, or PowerPoint presentation, you know how easy it is to creep your way into unintentionally stealing someone else’s images from search engines. Those beautiful photos can turn […]

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Say Hello to My Little Trend

2013 brought forth many exciting and groundbreaking design trends; parallax scrolling, large photo backgrounds, the beloved flat design, and numerous ridiculous memes. Although many of these styles will continue to be seen throughout 2014, there are always new and (sometimes) improved emerging trends as well as beloved styles it’s just time to bid farewells to. […]

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Google-Lovers Get Taught By Siri

This year, Siri taught me (a hardcore Google-addict) something so incredibly unexpected and illuminating. With just the press of a button, and a quick question I was taken out of the stone age, and into the future of search. Here’s how it all began: Long, long ago, homo sapiens were forced to peck away at […]

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