most horrifying web design mistakes

Most Horrifying Web Design Mistakes

If there is one thing I truly hate about my job (and it’s literally the ONLY thing), it’s the hyper awareness I have gained about web design since I started working here. It’s actually a curse to Google anything and realize that things that would previously have gone unnoticed suddenly annoy me with the intensity […]

starbucks coffee logo evolution

What Does Your Logo Say About You?

Logos are the single most recognized element of a brand or company. You don’t need a degree in advertising or marketing to identify companies by their logos i.e. a swoosh, a bitten apple, a jockey on a horse, etc. These three logos belong to well-established businesses known internationally solely by their trademark, a shared goal […]

zombie marketing online

Dawn of The Zombie Marketing Apocalypse

It knows who you are, it watches your every online move even in the darkest hours, it’s lurking behind your computer screen, it’s… Zombie Marketing. On Monday, contributor to Jonathan Salem Baskin announced the rise of “Zombie Marketing” just in time for the upcoming spooky holiday season. According to the writer, this era of […]

black framed eyeglasses on top of white printing paper

Why Copy Is Important In the SEO Design Process

If you were to perform a search for the web design trends of 2013, you will come across the much-used “large photo background” style. If manipulated correctly, this design is calming, gorgeous to look at, and sleek. It can easily transform any website into an elegant portfolio for photography, food, fashion, etc. However, how well […]

west side story i feel pretty scene, natalie wood

A Pretty Website Doesn’t Make A Business

Current business owners or new business owners may look to building a website as a way to increase online leads, but the one thing that they may be missing is the fact that a website is more than just a portfolio– it’s a channel to reach customers. Of course we get wrapped up in aesthetics […]

consumer silhouettes with smartphone and umbilical cord

The Smartphone Umbilical Cord

We’ve all heard the stories; electric shock from third party smartphone chargers, busted lips from laying in bed and holding smartphones inches above the face, and AT&T’s “It Can Wait” Campaign. It’s simple; users refuse to cut the smartphone umbilical cord, which has allowed them to experience the good, the bad, and the ugly of […]

In The Know On WordPress 3.6 Oscar

The copywriting team at drumBEAT Marketing is here to break down the new features on WordPress’s 3.6 Oscar update. Since the University of Houston is WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg’s alma mater, we proudly felt the need to sound a bullhorn and inform the public that the best the blogging platform has to offer is finally […]

type, typography, close up, bokeh, fonts, font, letters, lettering, typeface, blur, woodcut, adobe,

Typography for Dummies

What is Typography and Why is it Important? When it comes to communicating or selling, good content is key but how you present that content can often be just as important. That’s where typography comes in. Typography is defined as “the style, arrangement, or appearance of typeset matter.” Basically, it is how you choose to display […]

person using MacBook Pro

Firefox aims to block Internet Tracking

This Wednesday, the developers of Firefox, Mozilla announced that they are moving forward with their plans to block the most common forms of Internet Tracking with their web browser. Their plans could put an end to targeted advertisements for Firefox users – a future that most advertising groups would like to avoid. Mozilla plans to implement […]

Responsive web design example

The Misunderstandings of Responsive Web Design

Mashable declared 2013 to be the year of responsive web design. Responsive web design is the optimization of websites on different screen sizes in order to create a greater user experience. The basic idea is to have content appear seamlessly across different screens. To accomplish this, developers and designers must ensure that: content loads on any screen […]

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