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Why Google Updates Its Algorithm

Google Updates for Quality Each year Google changes its search algorithm hundreds of times. These updates help improve the quality of Google’s results by raising the rankings of quality websites and dropping the rankings of others. However, there are many page owners who attempt to cheat the system to get their website on the front […]

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What is Bounce Rate?

What can bounce rates tell you? A bounce rate is a measurement that will help you understand how many people are staying to browse your website and how many people are leaving. The formula is fairly simple. Your bounce rate is the number of people who leave your site after viewing one page divided by […]

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What is a Design Comp?

The language that comes out of a graphic designer’s mouth can be confusing at times and the word “comp”, one of the most important things to understand when dealing with a designer, often gets thrown around without a client fully understanding its meaning. “Comp” is the shortening of the phrase “comprehensive.” During the design process […]

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Local Listings For Small Businesses

Before going out, you’ve probably used a local listing on Google, Bing, or Yahoo! to find more information about a business. Where is it located? When does it close? How do the reviews look? These are all questions that can be answered quickly by looking at an optimized local listing. Search engines are becoming increasingly […]

Improving Your Blog SEO

Breaking into the first page of the search results can be tough, especially for a blogger. Search engine marketing can be a complicated business, but there are a few simple topics to focus on to improve your blog SEO. The basics of blog SEO can be broken down into four categories: keywords, titles, content, and linking. […]

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