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SociaLink: Networking Made Easy

As the saying goes, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”, especially when it comes to building your online presence. When connecting with friends and fellow businessmen, adding people on social media sites is second nature for businesses. These sites act as an effective platform for content sharing and link-building to boost your reputability and ranking.

Networking That Wasn’t Working

Unfortunately, harnessing this power can get a little hectic. Managing multiple profiles, finding the right accounts to add, and adding users on one social media site at a time bogs down the networking process. But it doesn’t have to be, anymore!

Recent University of Arizona graduate and entrepreneur Michael Jacobs has developed a more streamlined method for networking through the latest social media app, SociaLink. According to Jacobs, a trip to India where he was involved in various networking events brought this issue to his attention. Forgetting and misspelling names (which is common when networking across cultures) or having difficulty finding profiles in the jumble of social media accounts meant missing out on business and social opportunities.

“Without a way to connect, especially on social media, there became a divide that I saw needed to be fixed.” -Michael Jacobs

socialink michael jacobs and hector rosales university of arizona

SociaLink: Making a Connection

Motivated by this prospect, Jacobs and his team of developers began creating an iPhone app that would make networking complications a thing of the past. His vision, SociaLink would integrate Bluetooth capabilities to quickly and efficiently connect two people with the app at the touch of a button. And in no time, this practical application became a hit, even landing Jacobs and co-founder Hector Rosales a spot in Entrepreneur Magazine.

So how does it work? Users install the free SociaLink app, and enter account information for social networking sites such as Facebook, Intagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. After completing these fields, persons connect with nearby users via Bluetooth and have the option to “link” or “email” the user. Choosing to “link”, users may select which accounts they would like to connect on, and send friend or follow requests instantly. If one person does not have the application, the other user may click “email” to send links to your accounts as well as a link to the app to that persons email account. Talk about easy!

Networking Your Way to Victory

For businesses, this breakthrough can help you store and organize your connections right away and in-person. Studies indicate that social media sites and networking has become one of the most successful ways to gain reputability online. SociaLink encourages this growth through effective networking capabilities to provide linkbuilding opportunities through social media sites.

Jacobs plans to continue his efforts in changing the way we use social media, contributing to the development of new mobile app products. Since its launch in December of 2012, SociaLink has already been downloaded by thousands of users.

Check out the app and get connected at, or learn more about the latest entrepreneurial designs at


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    Networking is an important phenomena in the modern life to build a network among the people. As mentioned in the article that networking is a way to victory and the social media sites is a successful way to gain reputation online.

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