How drumBEAT is Different

The online marketing world can be big and scary. Finding the right fit for your company can be difficult and very daunting, considering there are hundreds of companies telling you that they “will rank you number one in (enter numerical value here) days!!” We at drumBEAT don’t want to add to that scariness by throwing numbers and figures your way (or promises we can’t keep), but we want to be able to show you our work, and show you how hard we work, and more importantly show you that we are just people trying to make your business come more to life online.

Cheap companies can give you cheap results

Lots of online web design/development companies can offer you an overnight website with x amount of leads per month. In the world of online marketing, anyone who makes these promises is probably bending the truth. Some firms can make these claims come true, but beware of “black hat SEO” tactics, where developers use spammy strategies to put your website at the top of listings. These type of tactics may gain your company quick results, but these results never last and your business’s online presence can be forever ruined by any Google algorithm update.

At drumBEAT, we provide our clients with the best SEO practices that guarantee long term results that we can track over time to last credibly. Our content and web development is specifically designed for your company’s benefit, and all of our practices are done to fit the rules of the SEO universe. Whether it be effective keyword usage with rich content, or quality inbound linkage, drumBEAT gets your company 100% reputable results.

Why wait for the service you pay for?

We don’t agree with making our paying customers wait to hear from us. We are dedicated to our clients, and know that our process is made easier by being available to them. Never do our clients have to wait on the phone to speak with someone who can help. That’s just not how we do it at drumBEAT.

Our websites are developed using the most advanced technology, using responsive web design elements to provide clients with fully functioning websites, which we also host on our servers, built for ongoing positive user experience. We have a Local coordinator on staff at drumBEAT Marketing who is dedicated to serving all of our client’s local optimization needs. Our staff will track and monitor the growth of your company’s success online, giving us insights on what we can do to improve our business and yours.

Targeted Results

Define your goals, everything we do is tailored to reach them.

Your Goals are Ours

Reaching your goals through partnership

Global Reach

Leverage our service providers to strengthen your efforts

100% Security Focus

Never wonder if your projects are safe again.