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The Way We Were: The Romance of Link Building, Part 2

This article is a continuation of Link Dating, The Romance of Link Building. With the final nail in the guest blogging coffin by Matt Cutts a few weeks back and with the impact Hummingbird has had on websites, many have been wondering if link building is also a thing of the past? The answer is […]

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Online Marketing: In-House or Agency?

A main concern of any growing business is, are we doing things the right way? Meaning, are we doing all that we can to make sure that the business has a foundation for longevity. Marketing/advertising is just one realm that this question can fall into, especially when deciding if your marketing should be done within your […]

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How A CMS Can Increase ROI

So the first thing that a client might say to us when we ask them if they’re using a CMS or are recommending the use of a CMS is, what is a CMS? It’s a natural question to ask for people who don’t speak our nerdy SEO language, and a valid point for anyone who […]

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How To Attack Your Competitors Online

So you may already have a website, and that’s great, but are you using it to its full potential? No matter if your business happens to fall in a competitive market, you can still outwit your competitors by doing what they aren’t doing online, or by doing it even better. Now, you may be thinking, […]

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A Pretty Website Doesn’t Make A Business

Current business owners or new business owners may look to building a website as a way to increase online leads, but the one thing that they may be missing is the fact that a website is more than just a portfolio– it’s a channel to reach customers. Of course we get wrapped up in aesthetics […]

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Google Update: One For the Hummingbirds

Now that it has been a few months since has Google announced the Hummingbird algorithm switch, researchers and SEOers can finally start to completely understand how this algorithm change is affecting searches. It’s Precise and Fast The new algorithm change is not just an update, and that’s one of the big things most people are […]

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Build Connections, Not A Client List

During a recent meeting on how we can better market our company, I raised the concern that we don’t talk enough. When I say “talking,” what I really I mean is networking, but I’m hesitant to use that term because it is overused in the marketing industry and tends to come with connotations of: mixers, […]

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SEO Help: A Photographer’s Guide To Blogging

Recently I reconnected with a middle school friend of mine named Cassie Medina through Facebook (yes we preach Google+ here but, hey, it is what it is) who is now a crazy talented photographer. She posted that she was a little lost when it came to blogging because of all the “SEO stuff.” Let’s just […]

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Authorship: Why You Should Start Now

Google+ and authorship has been a hot topic around the office within the last few weeks. We’ve jumped on the authorship wagon a while back, knowing that it provides an added touch to a search result, grabbing a searcher’s attention. Not only that, but people place more trust in an article that has a face […]

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Matt Cutts Says… Content Is Still King

A recent interview with Matt Cutts earlier this month confirmed that yes indeed, content still is still the utmost important factor when it comes to link building. In his interview with Stone Temple Consulting’s Eric Enge, Cutts says that the best way to obtain links to your site is through writing compelling content so that […]

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