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A Salute to Google’s Algorithm Mysteries

In the SEO world, internet marketers seem to have mixed feelings about the soap opera of Google updates. One day SEO experts are praising Google for boosting up their sites and penalizing spammy pages, and the next they’re complaining about not knowing enough about the algorithm. But, I thank Google that while their update mascots may be black and white, their algorithm isn’t.

Oh, I can already hear the website owners and SEO die-hards gasping at this blasphemy. Just hear me out. Yes, I think we would all like to sneak a peek at Google’s algorithm, figure out the recipe for success; but, consider what exactly would happen if Google bestowed upon us this incredibly powerful information.

Google, The Beautiful

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Google’s search engine operates much like a the stock market. It’s the perfect playing field, until one person begins abusing information or insider data. Google acts as the head honcho regulator of the stock market, keeping a watchful eye on all persons with who may be abusing their resources. As soon as a site begins to show signs of “cheating” such as spamming and keyword stuffing, the strong arm of Google’s law, Panda and Penguin hammer sites through penalties or banishment…

For honest SEOers and web-browsers alike, nothing could be better than this! Although the gauge for page ranking isn’t completely accurate, Google continues to fight for the hard-working SEO marketers of integrity so that one day we can all have access to the information we need, and connect with clients effectively. This is search engine utopia. Until then, the algorithm already benefits these credible, properly developed websites by:

  • increasing authority through tailored updates that can specifically distinguish sites with quality information from sites with poor information that have utilized schemy SEO tactics to get their pages boosted
  • penalizing spam-sites, websites that have irrelevant or low-quality content, and fraudulent SEOers
  • ensuring that visitors will find reliable sources of information through queries
  • enhancing the visibility and promoting the growth of reputable websites

But What if Google Revealed Their Algorithm?

Remember when early SEO “experts” determined that the amount of specific keywords on a page would affect your ranking for those search terms so they decided to cram keywords all over their websites? Or how about when analysts found that getting links to your site would increase page authority so link-farms began sprouting up? When the public catches even the slightest signal of the algorithm, many people turn to abusing the information and taking shortcuts.

In a parallel universe, where Google divulged the algorithm to the public, our once peaceful internet communities would plunge into complete chaos. The search engine apocalypse would be characterized by dysfunctional searches that brought even more spammy sites to you. Your once perfectly helpful website would be lost in a jumble of irrelevant, corrupt websites, without your visitors being able to find you or differentiate you from your now extended line of competitors.

No honest method of SEO or content-building strategies could salvage you from the pits of spammed search engines.

The Silver Lining

Now do you want to complain about not knowing the algorithm? Maybe, just a little; maybe we still want in on the some of the secrets. And that’s great because the parts of search engine optimization that has been revealed to us through rigorous studies and those quick Matt Cutts announcements have already made clear what SEO tactics will benefit your site.

These outlets for SEO information remind us to keep our websites in check the good ol’ fashion way: perseverance and honesty, combined with some awesome marketing and networking skills. The tidbits of knowledge shared with us keep us working hard for our visitors, encourage transparency, and promote captivating content.

Thank you Google.

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