shallow focus photography of man using a DSLR camera

Why Every Marketer Should Invest In a Camera

Copyrighted images. For content-creators who frequently embed images on web-pages, consider investing in a quality, professional camera. This will prevent copyright infringement on your behalf, while also allowing you to create image to your exact taste. Upload them, share them, even sell them. This may also be a great way to get your name out […]


New Survey Says Advertisements on Facebook are “Intrusive”

Does it really surprise you? In June of 2013, Facebook boasted an astonishing 1 million “currently active” advertisers on the platform. Simultaneously, disgruntled Facebook addicts shook their heads in utter disappointment at their former social media hero Zuckerberg. Oh, the misery of the pristine Facebook walls now polluted, now tainted, by these horrendous advertisements! Okay, […]

shallow focus photography of black DSLR camera

Top 3 Places to Get Fair-Use Images

Did you know that at the immediate point of creation of a work in a “tangible medium”, legal protection applies through automatic copyright? Unless you post images generated on your own, or have obtained a license to use images owned by another party, you could be infringing upon a copyright. Sounds fantastic, right? This violation […]

green and white braille typewriter

4 Easiest Ways to Tell if an Image is Copyrighted

It’s time to clear up the blurred lines on copyrighted images: which photos are fair use online? If you’ve ever longed to add some flare to your website, blog, or PowerPoint presentation, you know how easy it is to creep your way into unintentionally stealing someone else’s images from search engines. Those beautiful photos can turn […]

black android smartphone on white table

Google-Lovers Get Taught By Siri

This year, Siri taught me (a hardcore Google-addict) something so incredibly unexpected and illuminating. With just the press of a button, and a quick question I was taken out of the stone age, and into the future of search. Here’s how it all began: Long, long ago, homo sapiens were forced to peck away at […]

blonde haired girl in blue denim jacket and blue denim jeans

Top Marketing Strategies of 2014 For Those Who’d Rather Not “Twerk”

Some create eye-catching billboard ads, some dream up clever YouTube videos, and some… “twerk”? When it comes to getting a message across, everyone has their own unique strategies for marketing an idea. But for those who’d prefer not to compete with Miley Cyrus’ outlandish (yet attention-grabbing) VMA performance, we’ve compiled a list of our four […]

zombie marketing online

Dawn of The Zombie Marketing Apocalypse

It knows who you are, it watches your every online move even in the darkest hours, it’s lurking behind your computer screen, it’s… Zombie Marketing. On Monday, contributor to Jonathan Salem Baskin announced the rise of “Zombie Marketing” just in time for the upcoming spooky holiday season. According to the writer, this era of […]

go to jail monopoly card- bad seo and phony reviews

Fake Reviews, Five Stars, and Fines

Today, September 23, 2013, a total of 19 companies got slapped with a $350,000 fine for schemy SEO practices. According to reports, this group of businesses from teeth whitening services to attorneys, attempted fraudulent “reputation enhancement” processes. After a year-long investigation conducted by Attorney General of New York Eric Schneiderman, regulators found these schemers fabricating […]

matt cutts portrait seo

10 Signs You’re Addicted to SEO

SEO addictions affect countless marketers and website-owners around the globe today. Recognize the man in the image above? You may be one of many suffering from a severe SEO obsession. Check out these ten tell-tale signs to determine if you are an SEO addict. Warning: SEO addictions may cause a boost in site traffic, enhanced […]

Nacho libre wrestling-humor-google+ personal profiles and business profiles

Google+ Personal Profile and Business Page: The Ultimate Tag Team

So you’ve heard all about the benefits of Google+ and are ready to get your business connected on the platform. You open an account, start a business page, fill out your information, then bam, you’re struck with the decision to post as your business page or yourself. Still staring at that “Share what’s new” field […]

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