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How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name

The Importance of Domain Names

Picking out a domain name may seem like a simple part of launching your business on the web, but it is also one of the most essential steps in successful marketing.

Not sure where to start? One of the best methods for creating a feasible URL is selecting an “exact match domain” or EMD. This process involves the inclusion of the specific keywords or phrases that would be utilized to target your site name in search engines such as Google.

Use our three easy tips to searching and selecting the perfect exact match domain. Consider the following:

1. Relevance– Can viewers determine what your site is before landing on any of your pages? Your domain name should give browsers an idea about your site’s purpose. If the name does not relate to the content on your site, internet surfers may get confused and will spend little or no time checking out the content of your site. The key to choosing an EMD is implementing the same “exact” keywords that describe the site as well as words or phrases that will attract browsers. Your domain name is a reflection of your site or company’s unique purpose.

Ex: Autotrader.com is a site for “trading” cars for cash. The name is straightforward and easy to find. Car buyers and sellers who come across the link are more likely to enter the site because they are confident on what information the site will contain.

2. Concise and Precise– Choose phrases that are both descriptive and short in length. Creating a short domain name will make it easier for viewers to remember the name. Exact match domains implement short phrases and keywords that browsers type into search engines when looking for your business. Use a small number of informative words to ensure an unforgettable site name. Keep it simple, yet specific.  Include your company name and/or keywords that specify your business. This will make it easier to brand the site name or even create logos in the future.

Ex. It is easier for someone to remember Art.com rather than ArtSuppliesAndStuff.com

3. Catchiness– Pick a name that is easy to remember. Make sure its catchy. Avoid words that are difficult to spell or phrases that are hard to remember. You don’t want your clients ending up on your competitors site from misspelling your domain name! Avoid using numbers or abbreviations; this could also lead to more difficulty in finding the site. Pick a name that you could tell to someone without them having to jot it down before searching for the site later. Choosing words that rhyme or are commonly used phrases can assist in making the domain name less likely to forget.

Ex. BlakesBikes.com is a name that is easy to remember and difficult to misspell 

Combining these three guidelines into a domain name will ensure that clients remember and can easily access your site. More importantly, it will attract new web surfers and potential clients. Don’t get lost in the heap of messy, unrefined domain names. Stand out, be concise and most of all, be memorable!

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