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What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing utilizes social media to promote and increase awareness of your business or brand, or strategic marketing through various social media platforms.

The content for social media should bring awareness through attention-grabbing content on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Google+ and blog hosting sites like Blogger. It’s as easy as if you “LIKE” something on Facebook, or trend something on Twitter, it will be more highly regarded by friends than a commercial talking about how great a product is. Social media has the ultimate power of word of mouth referral (WOM), with 92% of consumers trusting WOM referrals versus reviews, ads and websites combined.

Companies have found success with increasing their use of social media. Customers can directly interact with the company, and vice versa creating improved customer service and higher brand awareness. The immediate feedback from customers is something companies find invaluable, considering they can pay thousands of dollars to conduct research to find the same results. It also provides the lowest cost per impression, providing  the same amount of impressions as television at 1/5 of the cost.

benefits of using social media marketing
Surveyed benefits of using social media marketing

Over 94% of companies surveyed said they used social media marketing to better reach their publics, and of that majority 83% said that the use of social media has been beneficial to their company. With 4 billion “things” shared on Facebook everyday, there’s no reason to get a piece of the pie.

Social media marketing can be the ultimate relationship builder between a customer and a company. Let the SEO experts at drumBEAT Marketing can manage your social media presence. Click here to learn more.

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