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What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A Content Management System, often referred to as a CMS is an online program that can make the entire process of publishing, editing, modifying content, as well as everyday maintenance of a website easy and time effective. In other words- it’s a template that will make all content look uniform throughout the site, even while you’re making updates to it.

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Easy content management systems brought to you by Geminos Creative can give you the power to easily update your website.

Why is it important?

Content Management Systems are a necessary tool for the client/owner of a site that isn’t as computer savvy as a webmaster. It gives them the power to keep the site looking aesthetically pleasing while making updates. It acts as a template that can increase efficiency as well as increase your search engine ranking when the content of the site is more searchable and can be easily indexed by search engines.

Better positioning on the rankings of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are all determined by how accessible the website is to their crawlers, or automatic indexers, for web browsers. Content management systems allow you to keep better control of the content so it will be more uniform and easily updated, even when the people who are working on it change from time to time.

Save yourself from the headache that can come from taking on the heavy burden of running a site without a content management system, a program that can better streamline the entire process.

A CMS we often use, WordPress, is so simple to use, you’ll be able to make updates to it yourself. Without much training, you will have you running your site like a pro and your precious time will be spent on your business.

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