New Type of Spam – Call it TLAMES

There is a New Type of Spam to Worry About and its Name Spelled Backwards is TLAMES [Se m alt] I am writing it this way so as not to assist them in any way with getting the word out about them. I am taking this “Voldemort”[1] idea from a post by Will Grundy on […]

people holding shoulders sitting on wall

When Marketing a Business Online, Call on Your Friends

A little story first. When I was going into 7th grade, my dad had just retired from the Navy and moved to of all places, Waco, TX. (I had spent my whole life up to then living near the ocean on the East coast. There is no ocean in Waco!) When I started school at […]

This Must Be The Place signage

Tips For New Web Content Writers

Normally during work, my ears are steady listening to the tapping of my colleagues’ fingers typing away on their keyboards. My side of the room is normally a little different but today is the day I decided to change that. I am the one and only, event specialist/coordinator here at drumBEAT. I, and others, are […]

Best WordPress Admin Page Hacks

A true sign of a great CMS to any developer is its ability to be hacked, hooked, and otherwise customized to meet the needs of any situation. A couple that come to mind are WordPress and Drupal, but since this post is about the best WordPress admin page hacks we will stick with WordPress. Much […]

A Song that Went Viral

Almost daily we hear that someone wants to do something “viral.” Each time we tell them, “It is not that you wish it and it happens, there are many things at play in order for something to be or go, viral.” Over the last few months “Clouds,” a song written by 17 year-old Zach Sobiech, […]

Dances with Atoms, IBM Makes a Film With Atoms

Dances with Atoms is a perfect blend of art and science on film. The brilliant nano physicists at IBM invented a technology that allows them to move single atoms – the smallest particles of any element in the universe – to form any shape they desire. So what did they do with this ground breaking technology? Well, a […]

Why You Should Stop Ignoring Rich Snippets

If I told you that we could influence the way your search engine listing appeared to help it stand out from the crowd with pictures and reviews would you take us up on our offer? I’m not just talking about getting ranked for a keyword, but making your ranking appear as the authority on that […]

MacBook Pro beside iPad and iPhone turned on

Responsive Web Design and Why You Need It

The latest online trend is called Responsive Web Design. The web design responds to what device you are using to view the website through CSS and some Javascript. Whether you are viewing your business website on an iPhone or your home desktop, you type in the same exact URL but are served up customized views […]

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