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When Marketing a Business Online, Call on Your Friends

A little story first. When I was going into 7th grade, my dad had just retired from the Navy and moved to of all places, Waco, TX. (I had spent my whole life up to then living near the ocean on the East coast. There is no ocean in Waco!)

When I started school at Lake Air Junior High, I met two people that first day, my first two friends in Texas, Michael and Mike. Mike Reith was a bit like me in that his dad had retired from the Army and he had a brother in Viet Nam as did I. Mike played the trombone and I played baritone horn. So, we had a bit in common.

Through high school we remained friends and then went our separate ways. I think we ran into each other once about a year after high school and did not make contact again for 30 years. In the mid 2000’s, while I was doing business with, I had seen Mike on there and reached out. We traded some emails from time to time and met up on a few of the social sites. Recently, Mike reached out to me to talk about a website he had developed and was wanting me to take a look at it. (That really is marketing – he told someone else about his business.)

I looked at it with my SEO eyes and am going to assist him a bit with it. Since he was an officer in the US Army, he has a passion for firearms and a lot of knowledge about them. (Full disclosure, I don’t even own one.) His site, is an informative site with a lot of good quality gun videos. Some are funny, some are simply interesting, and some are quite educational.

So, my post today about marketing a business is that when you tell someone about your business, you never know what will happen. You see, the first thing I noticed was there were no external links showing to his site. He is not an SEO pro and the Internet has not been his world. But, because he reached out, he has a followed link to his site from our drumBEAT blog. Please, follow the above link and take a look. (I love the video about the shotgun fail!)

Do you have a networking experience with someone you’ve also known for a while that resulted in a positive outcome for your business?

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    oopsie! maybe he also needs a webmaster.

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