A Song that Went Viral

Almost daily we hear that someone wants to do something “viral.” Each time we tell them, “It is not that you wish it and it happens, there are many things at play in order for something to be or go, viral.” Over the last few months “Clouds,” a song written by 17 year-old Zach Sobiech, went viral. Zach, a victim of osteosarcoma for the last four years passed away this morning according to CNN.

This is one of those times when anyone can watch a YouTube video and understand why something went viral. The video of Zach singing “Clouds” has had nearly 3 million views. On May 6, a group of celebrities sang along with Zach and “Clouds” on a video posted to YouTube; that video is just short of 1 million views. Why? In my opinion it is because a young man touched a lot of hearts with a very special song. It is because each person who views the video of Zach singing Clouds understands that he only has a moment left and he is giving his all to this and, it is because when we reach out to another and another and another we are all richer for the experience.

Maybe, if you watch it and give a little support to his cause via downloading “Clouds” from iTunes, it will be the viral gift that helps you and others…”Go up up, up,…up in the clouds because the view’s a little nicer.”

Goodbye Zach and thanks. Thanks for a really, really, cool song. Thanks for living even though they said you were dying.

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