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Copywriters: Businessman’s Best Friend

what is a copywriter

Although an essential part of the marketing process, copywriters have often been overlooked. This mainly stems from the notion that copywriters don’t play much of a role in website building and maintenance. I mean what is copywriting anyway? Despite nay-sayers who believe copywriters solely write pages, articles, or blogs on websites, these “writers of advertising or publicity copy” can make your website come to life.

Still, many site owners shrug at the idea of hiring copywriters in the process of enhancing their website. Why pay someone else to write articles on your site when you can do it on your own? Well, viewers and potential clients come to websites to find quality information. Unfortunately, most business owners have little or no time to build a site complete with professional articles that will capture their audience.

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

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The good news for business owners is that it’s never too late to hire copywriters. Like puppies at the pound, we would love to be chosen to be your loyal companions. And, maintaining a relationship with your copywriters is fairly simple:

1. Walk us through your business plan and goals. Often times your goal to increase business is the exact same goal that we have. We value each one of our clients we write for; once hired, we become part of your team.

2. Feed us insight and information. Much of copywriting focuses on competition analysis and research. With your input and our own curiosity, we can become insiders on any topic. This will ensure that we create both an effective and informative site that will get you ranked above your competitors. And trust me, we’re always hungry for more knowledge.

3. Let us out so we can do what we do best. Believe it or not we actually love writing and are professionally trained to generate top-of-the-line work just for you. We can’t wait to show you our tricks to put you in 1st place.

Sit! Fetch! Good!

What is copywriting

First time around a copywriter? A typical day for a copywriter involves the following:

  • What is copywritingbrainstorming
  • researching
  • analyzing
  • writing
  • editing

By combining these processes, copywriters can become your trusty sidekicks and you will have an unbeatable site that your clients are sure to be drawn to. For potential clients browsing the web, it’s sure to be love at first site when it comes to our superb writing.

Don’t worry, when you’re gone we won’t ruin any investments you’ve made. What we will do is maintain your site and keep everything running smoothly so that you can breathe easy. We will sit for hours doing exactly what you’ve commanded us to do, from researching to writing and editing all for your site. This will assure you that your site contains superior content and achieves its full potential. Copywriters know just how to uncover the brilliance of your business and bring out its best. So don’t go without your business’s best friend. Adopt a copywriter! We’ll make you proud.

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