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Responsive Web Design and Why You Need It

The latest online trend is called Responsive Web Design. The web design responds to what device you are using to view the website through CSS and some Javascript. Whether you are viewing your business website on an iPhone or your home desktop, you type in the same exact URL but are served up customized views of the website that are tailored to fit the screen without zooming or unnecessary horizontal scrolling.

SEO Benefits

This is where mobile web design and responsive web design differ. While many websites might have a different URL such as for their mobile website vs. their full site your website will only need a single domain. This allows you to keep and continue to build Page Authority and Domain Authority on a single URL rather than splitting it across two URLs.

Mobile Search is Exploding

A recent study by Telmetrics showed that 64% of mobile restaurant searchers convert to paying customers immediately or within an hour. If your restaurant website does not respond to the mobile device the searchers are using you are missing out and this example doesn’t just end with the restaurant business.

Mobile is here and the ship is setting sail, learn today how Geminos can get make your website mobile and use the latest trends of Responsive Web Design to maintain search ranking.


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