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Top Rankings Are Winning

A new study from the online copany Chitika says that the top listing in Google`s search results gets 33% of traffic, followed by a severe drop of 18% for the second position, and a mere 6.1% for the fifth position.

These results mirror an earlier study that the same company made in 2010. Chitika says that these findings further solidfy the need for valuable SEO practices and that the research shows just how much of an advantage companies have if competitors are ranked below them. Based on the 2010 and the 2013 results, the company doesn`t expect these statistics to change any time soon.

Another study from released in 2012 states that 53% of clicks to the first link of organic search results. And Slingshot SEO in 2011 says that the first position in a Google search engine result page received 18.2% of clicks, followed by 10.05% at second and 7.22% at third.

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Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash

Consider this, AOL considers the first spot on search engine result page worth more than 8 times than the fifth position.

Changes From Page to Page

Vast changes can occur from page to page as well. Page 1 gets 91.5% percent of all traffic from the average search, with traffic dropping to a whopping 4.8% on Page 2, and then to 1.1% on Page 3.

And even on these pages do the clicks stay consistent with the above data– top results on the page still garner more clicks than those below them.

All of these results collect to vital information– that the dire need for SEO help and attention isn`t going anywhere, and hey, we`re more than a little happy about that idea.

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