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Primetime for WordPress

With everyone talking about Matt Mullenweg posting that a small exodus 72,000 blogs popped on WordPress on Sunday after the rumored $1.1 billion acquisition of tumblr by Yahoo, we’ve decided it was time to do a little ego-boosting for WordPress.

WordPress Kudos

Those who already have a WordPress can agree that the powerful tools behind the blogging platform have brought success to personal bloggers and businesses alike. (We here love WordPress by the way.) It’s hard to argue the ease and success of a CMS that powers one out of every six websites on the Internet, globally.

Websites hosted on WordPress also attract 3.4 billion pages every month, a network that any business wouldn’t mind being a part of. And we don’t mind that WordPress was the brainchild of Houston, Texan Matt Mullenweg.

Have a WordPress site? Pat yourself on the back

So you’ve already got a WordPress site? Awesome. You’re already part of a pack that’s increasing by 100,000 blogs every day. For those of you who haven’t been converted to this CMS yet, there are some really powerful reasons why you should consider it.

First and foremost, not being in complete control of your website can be cumbersome, especially when you’re a business that requires changing content frequently. We love WordPress because our sites can be updated ridiculously easily, all without changing the format of our site or having to upload files to an FTP (web programmers may not care, but copywriters like me really do like this fact).

Features We All Know and Love

All of that I’m sure is mostly common knowledge for those in the least bit CMS saavy. Since WordPress is browser-based, any user (and there can be many multiples of users) can login as long as they have internet access. And unless your website is using a template, no two WordPress sites may look alike because it is completely customizable- so all of this ease of access doesn’t come with a cookie cutter interface. With built-in blogs and multiple plugins/options that are made to integrate applications that already exist, online presence for businesses can continue growing.

The Nitty Gritty Features

So these are all the great and mostly obvious features, but what about more of the features that we don’t actually interact with on a daily basis? WordPress, as an open source platform, has programmers and developers that are constantly scouting the web for updates that they can bring to their users, meaning they give us users what we want, even before we know that we want it.

The CMS has gone through great links to make sure that all programming is squeaky clean and coding is easy to index, an idea that makes it user friendly as well as SEO friendly. Some of this programming includes full compliancy with W3Schools and offering a variety of different SEO plugins, updates and abilities (like incorporating Twitter Bootstrap) to ensure that WordPress users’ websites are utilizing things like meta descriptions and alt text to stay up to the best standards for search engines. Items like Google Maps and Google Analytics integrate fully within WordPress as well.

Updates Coming in May

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While the world may not be buzzing as much about the WordPress updates this as the Google Penguin 2.0 update, some changed features are applicable to most of its users. Some of the new features we can expect are better auto save times, saving you from huge loss if something goes wrong with your browse, and post locking so multiple users can’t write over each other’s work while working at the same time. On top of a brand new template entitled ‘twentythirteen,’ previous revisions will be documented better with options to revert to a previous version, as well as easier navigation of a new menu admin interface.

And while experts may not expect a large change amount of people to switch to WordPress from tumblr, we can still expect WordPress to be keeping up with online trends to keep users both new and old as happy as ever. And we here at drumBEAT are also really happy with WordPress, almost enough to buy shirts like these and wear them regularly.


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