Is Twitter Business For The Birds?

According to The Global Web Index, social networking site Twitter now boasts the title of the fastest growing social media website in the world! Although once thought to be a website that would capture only a small audience of web browsers, research illustrates that one in four teens online take part in this trend today. If you aren’t using twitter for your business, you may be missing out.

Founded on March 21, 2006 by web developer Jack Dorsey, Twitter functions as a fast-paced site, spurting out information tailored to your interests while allowing you to share your own ideas and input. Users share this data through 140 character posts called “tweets” which may be read by other users. What makes this site so popular?

twitter bird social media and businessDomo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

We are part of the “now generation”. Our technology-driven society has enabled rapid access to practically anything with the touch of a button. Twitter accommodates our short attention spans and quick-paced lifestyles by allowing users to send out small bursts of information to others in an instant. Just open your Twitter app and you’ll have all the latest happenings in the palm of your hand.

Twitter for Business

But if you believe Twitter is just a haven for gossip and nonsense, think again. Twitter has become one of the best outlets for information and news. Twitter can act as a promotional tool for your business through:

  • notifying potential customers of sales, deals, services, and new products
  • engaging users by showing off your skills and intelligence
  • posting pictures and details of products
  • building relationships with clients and potential clients
  • gaining feedback from clients

Consider Twitter as a free method for reaching your audience at high-speed rates. Many popular companies have already taken to Twitter to encourage growth in their connection with the Twitter crowd. Some of the most notable include Ford, Nike, and Coca-Cola which is shown below promoting Summer contests and their Freestyle machine.


Since most web-surfers begin their browsing in the evening time through social media sites, Twitter has evolved into a great outlet for business promotion. The site gives businesses an opportunity to flaunt their creativity and engage potential clients in fun, interactive ways.

spiderman with great networking comes great responsibilityTo Tweet or Not to Tweet

As the saying goes, you never know until you try it. While Twitter may not be for everyone, it does open doors for new opportunities socially, intellectually and business-wise. For those who think tweeters should “do something more productive” with their time, don’t forget that Twitter (when used appropriately) may actually be that something productive.

Follow up on information about your industry and competitors on Twitter, or share your knowledge with followers. Just keep in mind that tweets should be appropriate for your business’s target audience. By utilizing the site properly and professionally, Twitter is surely a powerful weapon to wield.

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