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Link Dating, the Romance of Link Building

You know the trials and troubles of the dating scene. It’s awkward, funny, frustrating and sometimes insanely rewarding. A lifetime of commitment and happiness doesn’t happen overnight, and it takes to time to learn from our dating mistakes in order to find the right way to find the right person. I’ve found repeatedly that all of this mushy awkwardness, at least to me, is a lot like link building.

Link Building No More

Many within the field have said over and over, Link building isn’t really called link building anymore because it is more of ‘relationship building.’ However true this may be, no one really talks about after happily-linked ever after.

At the beginning stages of dating, everything is very awkward. I’m right in the middle of this delicate stage (ahem— in link building, not dating). It’s like being out with a group of friends and finding the right person to go up and talk to. Once you do, it may not lead anywhere— something that link building often amounts to.

But with repeated practice of putting yourself out there, you learn from what you said or did wrong the first time, and you continue to find the next best suitor or link, and continue to try to find new ways to meet the right people.

And meet the right people you will! Especially if you play the field a little bit. You know how it goes, you aren’t committed to just one link, at one time, forever. Definitely weigh your options and link date around, because that’s maybe how you’ll meet a perfect match.

The Ebbs and Flows

So, you’ve made a nice and friendly connection with a webmaster and your link is doing amazing things for your site— subtle changes but still a positive increase to your legitimacy online. You’ve given a little of yourself, and in return you’ve taken a little too. But, you don’t have to stay committed to that link, especially if it just isn’t cutting it for you anymore.

Yes, link building is a relationship with people. Yes, you have to nurture that relationship in order for it to amount to increased online presence for your business. But just like some failed relationships, things just don’t work out, and some links can end up not fitting in with what you want in your online presence. Links, like relationships, grow stale, and it might be time for your website to move on in order to further its online placement.

“It’s not you, it’s me. I just want more. Let’s stay friends, though?,” might be said. Do yourself a favor, don’t burn any bridges— remove the link but stay in contact with web masters and writers because this is your network, and the online link dating world is a small one. Unless the guy/girl you were dating was just a total jerk or the link completely did your site wrong— burn that bridge!!

It’s Complicated

No matter if you’re talking about relationships or link building, know that the process is going to be long but rewarding. A great link, just like a great relationship, can build to your online presence, even if there are some rocky bumps along the way. The process for link daters like me can be frustrating with rejections but rewarding with perfect matches.


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