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Google+ Circles and Why Everyone Needs A G+ Posse

Ready to duel it out with your website competitors? Then it’s time to get a Google+ posse! As the saying goes, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” and recent discoveries from SEO gurus certainly echo this statement.

We already know Google+ as the brain-child of Google’s amazing data storing, sharing, and networking capabilities. To the delight of many, several studies support the notion that +1’s, comments, and shares all correlate greatly to page ranking. But the benefits of utilizing G+ don’t stop there; oh no, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. How? The power of circles!

Broadening your Scope with Google+ Circles

Google+ allows users to organize profile accounts they wish to follow by adding them to “circles”, or organized categories of followed profiles. Needless to say, this is awesome for keeping up with posts and information shared by different groups, making the process of connecting with other users a seamless task. A few fan favorites of sharing posts with G+ circles include:

  • increasing visibility of content (whether articles or blogs from your website, or information shared solely on a G+ post)
  • gaining reputability and credibility as an author
  • raising the potential for your information to be shared
  • creating new channels for feedback and insight

But perhaps the most drastic influence relates to Google+ and its extreme impact on search engine results pages. Google is the king of personalized searches. Google takes full advantage of data history from G+ account-holders and offers highly-customized searches to browsers who are logged into their Google+ profile.

Round Up G+ Circlers To Get Ranked Higher

For example, if I conduct a search through Google while being logged into my G+ account, the search engine automatically retrieves and boosts data from G+ users I have circled. Yes, Google gives articles and posts created by circled profiles a leg up and shifts them to the top of SERPs!

Check it out for yourself in the following scenarios where I have conducted a search on the terms “google plus networking”. The first image shows an anonymous or incognito search (where I am logged out of G+), and the second displays the SERP that is found while conducting a search while being logged into my G+ account.

SERP for Google Plus search- SEO- Social Media Marketing

The difference? Suddenly, Google+ profiles which I have circled (in this case Jesse Wojdylo and Scott Buehler) jump to the top of SERPs when I am logged into G+. For authors, this means that anyone who has added your G+ profile to their circles will automatically receive query results biased towards promoting your writing. Profiles which have only been circled by a few G+ers will benefit minimally from this scheme. On the other hand, profiles which have gained popularity, being circled by thousands or even hundreds of thousands of followers will have a great opportunity for their content to be seen by those masses not only on the G+ platform, but on searches as well.

In general, more circlers means higher amounts of searches you will be promoted in=overall increased visibility of posts.

What about being visible to people who aren’t utilizing G+? If you really want to get technical, driving all these circlers (as mentioned before) to your content will also rev up page authority so that your article will continue to climb SERPs, even on those poor Google Plus-less browsers. On top of this, search engines will display your post with a sweet mark-up style displaying your circlers (almost to be viewed as popularity points) that will encourage web-surfers to check out your content. In summary, posting and sharing on G+ serves as a unique opportunity to naturally link-build and network, in turn improving ranking.

So with 359 million active users on Google+ waiting to circle you, do yourself a favor and start going G+ crazy! Stay tuned for more information on how to effectively lasso in some of these G+ circlers.


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