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New Age Marketers: Analog By Birth, Digital By Design

Podcasts are a type of digital media that provide marketers with a great tool to create original content around topics they are deeply passionate. This new media also offers listeners valuable insight into the latest news and more invovling emerging trends and industry analysis.

the industry, emerging trends, and the latest news and more.

a particular subject

what people are looking for. It allows people to start a conversation over anything and everything.

If the content you provide proves to be useful, then Google’s search engine will give the website that’s hosting the podcast page authority over a particular subject.

It’s a great way to offer insight to what people for information that people are looking for

How To Get Started

The Perks Of Being A Wall Of Sound

it allows people interested in a topic to feel included on the conversation they are a convenient way to deliver and produce content and it’s a way to build an ongoing relationship with your listens – people begin to look forward to hearing from you

a podcast allows you to deliver important updates

it is a great way to communicate with people both inside and outside of your organization, build loyal audience,

it can boost your authority because you are giving insight into industry trends and provides an outlet to share your expertise in the marketing and advertising industry, regular podcast updates will position a business as a established authority and help build trust with your audience

You are able to integrate information about your products and services as they relate to the information in the podcast. Work in what services your business provides

reach a new audience extend you reach with several others interested in the same subjects as you

create a channel where you can address feedback from your listens and repond in a personal way

Warming: Do not simply use the podcast as a platform to unleash informercials onto people. People don’t want to listen to a ad, they are seeking useful information

Inbound marketing is getting people to go to your page because of rich original content following a lead and converting that lead into a sale

Podcast work in situation where reading just won’t do

You can help listeners increase their intake of information during situations where their eyes need to be focused

podcasting is a rising trend in social media strategy today

23% of marketers plan to incorporate podcasting in 2013 according to

be excited about the content you are providing to your audience. Your enthusiasm will come through the speakers and your audience will feel excited about what you’re sharing. It’s contagious!

Offer a new or creative way to talk about the topic? Identify what you can give to listeners that they won’t find anywhere else, and work that into your podcast.

According to Michael Stelzner from Social Media Examiner 23% of marketers have plans to increase their podcasting activities in 2013

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