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SEO Consultants: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

SEO includes a range of practices employed to increase traffic to sites, improve site ranking and boost business. In an industry driven by knowledge, without the expertise of SEO consultants, none of these great marketing prospects would be possible. Basic search engine optimization indubitably relies on honest consultants with a complete understanding of the field.

However, with an increasing market for SEO services, skepticism about the aptitude of SEO providers has equally grown. The internet has been known to be a haven for marketing scams and deception. And, recent studies reveal that a look behind the scenes of SEO consulting may give clients great motive to question the intellect of optimization consultants.

What Are SEO Consultants and What Are Their Duties?

SEO consultants are optimization professionals who are expected to both understand and communicate proper techniques for enhancing content management, competition analysis, and on-page SEO while making recommendations for SEO improvement. As a whole, the duty of an SEO consultant is to encourage traffic and viewers to the site while ramping up business ventures for clients. Many of the tasks required for SEO consultants generally include:

  • researching competitors, and determining target markets and audiences
  • creating site analysis reports
  • link-building
  • keyword analysis and research
  • local listing search improvements
  • developing user friendly content in the form of website design
  • improving conversation rates
  • providing clients with recommendations and insight where necessary

SEO consultants are obliged to be well-acquainted with this spectrum of techniques for one sole purpose: SEOs are the drivers of online marketing. There is no doubt that with a business’s reputation at stake, both the quality and integrity of an SEO consultant’s advice can make or break a company’s online presence.

What Does Research Reveal About SEO Consultant Expertise?

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SEO consultants come from all different backgrounds and experience. But, just how much do these so-called SEO “experts” really know about optimization?

Although measuring an SEO consultant’s level of understanding concerning the subject may be a bit tricky, SEOmoz has conducted a unique experiment to test this knowledge. The experiment examined several SEO consultants from businesses across the United States to determine just how helpful, informative and accurate SEO professionals really are when handling clients.

In the study, professionals went undercover as a client searching for SEO advice from consultants. The results revealed an array of outcomes, some rather disappointing, while others quite impressive. Feedback was reported in several different categories of responses:

  • Informative, descriptive and helpful– These answers showed an in-depth understanding of SEO information and an eagerness to assist clients in achieving optimal site improvement. Responses prompted clients to implement “sustainable” SEO tactics that would guarantee a strong site in the long run.
  • Short or vague– Some comments demonstrated little understanding of the subject, or lacked a precise response to the questions asked. Responses were broad, but generally adequate.
  • Unhelpful, lacking, or unethical– These responses were typically made along with a statement claiming that “more information” was needed to properly answer any question. In some cases, no advice or poor and unethical advice was given.

Although not every response seemed up to par, most SEO consultants appeared to satisfy their position in the industry. According to SEOmoz, the majority of consultants that had been investigated demonstrated an eagerness to assist clients and expressed a higher level of SEO knowledge and integrity than expected by the undercover clients.

What’s the Scoop on SEO Consultants?

Businesses in hope of great SEO can rest assured knowing that there are in fact great SEO consultants on the web who can provide top-of-the-line services. Nevertheless, don’t hesitate to ask questions, and test the knowledge or experience of SEO consultants to ensure that you will receive adequate assistance with updating your on-site SEO.

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