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Exploring New Possibilities with Google Analytics

As the saying goes, the best things in life are free. And when it comes to Google’s awesome SEO tool, Google Analytics, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why. Google has gone forth into the abyss of the internet to provide website owners with components in Google Analytics that will unscramble your site traffic to deliver detailed insight through infographics and reports.

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Ever wondered who comes to your website and what they’re checking out? Well, wonder no more! Google sends out secret agent of the internet, Google Analytics, to go undercover beneath your site interface to give you an inside look at this information. On the mission, Google Analytics utilizes its specialized information-capturing weapons:

  • analysis tool: evaluates traffic to your site.
  • content analysis: indicates which keywords benefit your site the most and how users interact with your site.
  • social analytics: assesses the impact of social media related to your site.
  • mobile analytics: measures the effectiveness of your mobile apps and ads as well as site experience on mobile devices.
  • conversion suite: appraises site sales, video plays, conversions, and downloads from your site.
  • advertising analytics: provides data on return from advertising and campaigns for online web-browsers, mobile, and through email while rating the efficiency of the types of ads utilized.

Google Analytics provides this data on easy-to-read tabs with infographics and charts. The tool allows website owners to tailor their site in order to accommodate the needs of their target audience. Going 007 with Google Analytics will ensure that your site operates at its highest potential while triumphing over the competition.

Warning: Google Analytics does all the leg work for you, but it won’t amount to much if you don’t exploit the feedback!

Analyze, Utilize, Optimize

1. Start with the analysis tool. This feature reports how many new visitors and returning visitors have come to your page and which pages they are landing on. The system also allows site owners to view the sources that these visitors come from. Businesses may benefit from this feature by determining which pages are the most popular and optimizing their site accordingly.

2. Combine these tactics and regularly review Google Analytics’ content analysis. The content analysis will show you where your content needs improvement, and which areas are successful. Learn how browsers interact with your site, how they move, and how long they are staying on pages. Provide your audience with quality content that is customized to their taste. Implement useful keywords that will bring your site more visitors.

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3. Ensure that your site is doing the trick on social media. Track your website’s effectiveness through the social analytics tool. How many referrals do you get from social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter? If your site gets little traffic from these outlets, consider spicing up your social media sites and finding new methods for engaging users.

4. Review the impact of your site, apps and ads with other Google Analytic features. The remaining tools may not apply to all sites. However, businesses who run campaigns, or seek to capture their audience on mobile devices through apps and tailored mobile-sites should review data from these sections. Measure the efficiency of your pages and campaigns to optimize ecommerce. Ensure that your advertising and marketing techniques are bringing in the desired traffic.

Once you have reviewed these areas, make improvements to your website and related marketing techniques.

Voila! You’ve optimized your site!

Incorporating Google Analytics into your marketing practices can make your business an online hit. For maximum benefits, be proactive. Check Google Analytics often and make changes to your site when necessary to enhance your site quality.

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