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Getting on Google’s Local Map

Have you ever noticed the map on the right side of the Google results page? Or maybe you’ve noticed the pack of 3-7 businesses that are listed as local businesses on the Google results page? I’m sure you have, and as a business owner, if you’re not on either of these you’re missing out.

When you look at the map you notice that there are pins marking where each business is, and inside these pins there is a letter. The letter corresponds to the listings in what is called the “local-pack”, showing you both where the business is, and giving you information about them such as; the name of the business, a link to their website, their contact info and a link to their Google+ page, and the reviews about them.

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The Google+ reviews are an important aspect to take advantage of on the Google+ Places for Business listing, because they are one of the more influential factors of drawing people in to look at your listing, and even deciding to go to your business. On the reviews section, Google provides the ability for the business to respond to their reviews, whether good or bad, that way the business can either thank the reviewer, or inquire as to how they could have made their customer’s experience better. Those looking at these reviews, and their subsequent responses, can get a better understanding of that business, and possibly become that much more interested in giving that business a visit.

On the business’ Google+ page it gives the potential customer more information about the business including a detailed map of where the business is, photos of the business (if the business wishes to add photos to their page), a short description of the business, even a street view of the business to make it easier for the person to find.

If all of these aspects aren’t used to their full potential, there may be less reasons to convince a potential customer to visit the business, obviously not generating as much business as possible with the powerful tool.

So how does this help you as a business? Well, according to Google, 97% of consumers search for local businesses online, including the amount of smartphone searches. If you have rich info about yourself on your Google+ listing, it draws more interest, therefore generating more business. Use these listings to your business’ advantage– without it you may be much harder to find.


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