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How A CMS Can Increase ROI

So the first thing that a client might say to us when we ask them if they’re using a CMS or are recommending the use of a CMS is, what is a CMS? It’s a natural question to ask for people who don’t speak our nerdy SEO language, and a valid point for anyone who is interested in something that their money may be going to down the line so first let’s dive into CMSs.

What Is A CMS and What Does it Do?

So a CMS, or simply put, a content management system, is exactly that- software that allows simple management of content and non-complex features to a website. A CMS, like WordPress, can make simple page editing and maintenance easy for someone who isn’t familiar with any website coding or programming.

So what does that mean? It simply means that a small business owner could control their website, without investing so much time that it takes away from focusing on their business. It also means that online marketers like myself can update content easily for clients, and leave the complicated programming to the web development department.

So How Does A CMS Increase Money Flow?

Well firstly, you have to find out whether or not your company’s website has been created using a CMS. Ask your web developer, online marketing team, etc.– whoever you need to to find out. If the answer is no, find a way to get on one now. I mean that with urgency, because it is going to save you headaches, worry/frustration and money in the long run.

You have to think of a CMS as an investment hence the return on investment. Building a new website may be costly, but you’ll see how easily you can save money by using a content management system. Let’s discuss how:

  • Ends excessive staffing- If you hire a web developer to create or update content, you may be creating a position that may drain your company of funds, all because you need to update your website regularly. Instead, utilize your content management system, and eliminate the need for this extra position. You can update your website without needing any of the skills a web developer possesses.
  • Keeps search engines happy- So by being able to constantly add to your content, you will be more apt to update regularly, which the search engines like. Not only are you creating new content for them to crawl, you’re doing it regularly. Just make sure you’re not spamming it with keywords and you’re providing great content for others to use as a source. By keeping search engines happy, you could have higher chances of receiving better rankings in the SERP, and ultimately more traffic to your website.
  • Records your contacts- With popular CMSs like WordPress, you have the power to create, update and use contact forms throughout your website. You want people to actually conduct business with your company, right? Well, that first contact could happen with the contact form submission on your website. And, a great CMS keeps a record of those contacts, so you never miss an opportunity for a business lead, and as a result, your company can grow.
  • Minimizes time of use- You have a business to run and customers to keep happy! There’s no time to mess with the complications of a website. Time is money, and you don’t want money literally walking out the door while you update your website. With CMSs your use time is minimal because the interface is so easy to use for anyone who is familiar with simple word programs. And bonus: you won’t have to take the time and money out to hire a specialist to train your staff.

A CMS can vastly improve your company’s chances of creating a more efficient online presence, and that efficiency can literally add up to dollar amounts! What else would you like to see a CMS do to increase your ROI? Tell us below!

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