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The 1-2-3 of SEO Online Success

So you’re building a new website, great for you! The fun and exciting prospect of picking out the design and colors of your site, along with what pictures to put up can definitely be a rush. At the end of the web-building process, you may have all these elements culminate into an amazing site that is perfect for you (and they are important), BUT, is it perfect for your business?

Think about who you want looking at your site. Are the colors, design and pictures right for them? Does the site seem trustworthy? More importantly, is the written content catered to them? Am I asking too many questions?

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We get it- seeing the process from another angle can be a difficult idea, especially since you have so many things you personally want to include on your business’ site. You have to consider all aspects of website design, including user experience and search engine optimization. These aspects are like the foundation to your website- without them, it will crumble (just like this guy’s every bone).

So, we know you have questions about user experience and search engine optimization. Let’s talk.

1. User Experience and Web Design

Before considering any design, you must understand that search engines value a great user experience- they know that people are coming to your site and engaging with it. Consider this: If search engines continually serve up bad search results, their users will go to another search engine to find what they’re looking for. People searching for your site are looking for answers, and search engines want to provide those answers on a silver platter, only doing so by taking into consideration a site’s user experience, among other things. This involves a great design, valuable content, and a site architecture that gives value to searchers and gives search engines a reason to crawl your site often.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and My Website

Any SEO implementation is to help your website gain high visibility in the search engine result pages (SERPs). There are many different components to SEO, and building a properly structured and optimized website is one of them. SEO encompasses many different pieces that, when combined together, offer a long lasting way to rank for key terms important to your industry. It is important to understand that any SEO done to your site won’t take effect overnight. Also, if you are not continually updating your website, any rankings you achieve won’t last long. Successful SEO means making an ongoing commitment to stay up to date with your site, adding fresh content for users to interact with. This helps your business stay visible when users search for your services online.

3. Searching My Business Online

If you want to attract more business there are other ways to build traffic and engage customers than just through your website. An optimized local presence plus a great website maximize your visibility to searchers. Also consider that the way users search is changing rapidly. Over half of all mobile searches have local intent, so you have to consider that responsive web design is a necessity.

Top-notch web design, unique content, and a great user experience add value to users and search engines alike. These things should also be at the top of your list while you create your website, not just colors and pictures. Don’t let your site crumble. Still thinking about those bones crumbling? Yeah, us too.

Don’t believe us yet? Take a look at this video- it has the important stuff you need to know wrapped up in 2 minutes.

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