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Social Marketing: Find your Target Audience

It is a well accepted fact that social media is a great way to promote your business. Numerous businesses have turned to the free media outlet to gain recognition. These businesses share funny stories, cute pictures and create contests for Likes, Tweets and Shares. All of this is great, but who is really getting the […]

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SEO 101

When asked, “What is SEO?” I know I can answer with search engine optimization and still find a confused face in the audience. But if you say it backwards it makes more sense – strategically optimizing a website in order for it to show up in an engine, such as Google, when searched. To understand […]

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Improve Your Meta Descriptions Now

First, let’s get some basic stuff out of the way about meta descriptions. A meta description is the snippets that are written below the link when you enter a search. Although meta descriptions are not significant to search engine rankings, they should be strategically written to enhance click-through, and ultimately to improve a search engine […]

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From Public Relations to SEO

As I wrap up my first week at drumBEAT, I go through my notes and read a few SEO articles (that was part of my homework). Previously, I worked in the public relations department of a marketing firm and initially thought a job as a web copywriter would put my previous work experience to good […]

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