Terms and conditions

We want to provide you only the best service. These Terms and Conditions help in solidifying a partnership with us to create trackable, quantifiable success. We take the time to fully analyze your situation to provide you the best results.

Design, Build, and Implementation

Initial Payment

Half of the website development fee is required in order to begin work. You may pay the upfront amount with a check or credit card. The website development balance is required once development is complete. Website development fees are non-refundable.

Designs & Approvals

We will go through several stages in order to complete your project. At times, we will require your approval at certain stages in order to continue. If at any stage we do not hear from you at all within 72 hours after sending an approval request we will consider the stage accepted by you.

Website Launch

Once the website comp is approved, development will begin and your website will launch shortly after. Upon launch, the site design and layout is considered accepted by you. There will be additional costs if we have to go back through any stage to make substantial changes to the website design, navigation, or layout.

Monthly Service

Monthly CMS plans typically begin once the website launches, unless otherwise indicated. Monthly ongoing fees require a valid credit card on file. Monthly service fees are nonrefundable.

Changes to Project Scope

In the event that you request the addition of new features, or revise the scope of this project after work has begun, we will first provide you with a quote for that work/service and will not move forward until there is a Change Request approval. Any work requested outside the scope of this website proposal will incur additional charges.

Monthly Services and Support

Monthly Service Cancellation

Should you desire to end any monthly service, we require only 30-days notice. If at any time you wish to transfer your site to another provider we will continue to provide you full service the entire time. Because we failed you and we do not want that to become a common practice, we have one small request: Please tell us via email how we failed so that we may improve our service for our current and future clients.


Targeted Results

Define your goals, everything we do is tailored to reach them.

Your Goals are Ours

Reaching your goals through partnership

Global Reach

Leverage our service providers to strengthen your efforts

100% Security Focus

Never wonder if your projects are safe again.