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The websites we create at drumBEAT Marketing are built with the best foundation and are completely customized to fit your business’ needs. We simply combine unique content, beautiful design and search engine optimization (SEO) expertise to help businesses attract more customers.

We believe that building a website is a great start to building an online reputation, but without a quality website designed with the customer in mind, any efforts will fall flat. The main goal of the websites we redesign at drumBEAT is connecting businesses with potential customers, something we call converting clicks into customers.

Web Design Our Way

Any website redesign we provide is always updated to the best methods and practices to produce the best results for our clients. An innovative web design can capture audiences on your website, and relevant, fresh content will keep them there.

Blue Springs Wireframe v 2
A wireframe designed by drumBEAT Marketing for a client’s website redesign.

We simply show visitors what you do best, and drumBEAT will include what they most want to see from your business to ensure that they always find what they are looking for on your website. Our website redesign process begins with an initial analysis of what you want in a website, then we move into creating a basic sitemap displaying what webpages we will include on your new website. Once you approve of this, we create a customized wireframe to give a visualization of how your new website may look when completed. On approval of a wireframe we then create a comp, which is a static image of what your website will look like when completed, including colors, fonts and graphics.

From Design To Development

An amazing website redesign is only as good as the way it is built, that’s why the web development at drumBEAT Marketing uses the most advanced programming languages, like CSS3 and HTML5, to secure a foundation for great design, and to promote substantial user experience and clean construction. Our websites are all Content Management System (CMS) based, meaning that any changes or updates can be easily made. Anything we build, is built with precision.

Some of the programming elements we use are:

  • Linux
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • SSH
  • PHPMyAdmin
  • Plesk
  • jQuery
  • Javascript

These software combinations provide dynamic web pages to increase favorable UI/UX. Our websites are also built using Twitter Bootstrap framework providing a cleaner, responsive design.

drumBEAT Marketing focuses on creating websites that are unparalleled in effectiveness, creativity, and ease of access.

Powerful CMS & Hosting

drumBEAT’s web developers are proficient in working with WordPress and other CMS platforms, coding every website from our office in Houston, TX.

Using a CMS platform allows us, and ultimately any business owner, to control elements  across the website without difficulty, making it unbelievably easy to update content and stay relevant to customers. And drumBEAT Marketing takes care of all the updates to WordPress, so you won’t ever have to worry about unexpected glitches.

Website redesigns are hosted on drumBEAT’s secure and dedicated server, meaning that your website will be free from spam, hacks, privacy infiltration and data loss. Our support services provide timely troubleshooting regarding WordPress complications.drumbeat marketing, website redesign houston

How drumBEAT Does It

Anything website we redesign is a platform for new business. Our advanced technology website designs mixed with dedicated service and quality SEO methods means that your website produces trackable results. We believe your website is more than just a simple expenditure– it’s an investment to take care of.

Contact drumBEAT Marketing  at (713) 587-9608 to get started on your website redesign today!

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