Managed Hosting & Support

What is Managed Hosting & Support?

At drumBEAT Marketing, we provide more than just a elegant page on the internet. We offer specialized services in managed hosting and support for your site to ensure your managed hosting provided by drumBEAT Marketingsuccess! Managed hosting and support guarantees a flawless site and database for your information through a variety of ongoing services such as:

  • proactive technical support
  • website monitoring
  • server maintenance and updates
  • site configurations, alterations and installations
  • security management

How Can Managed Hosting & Support Benefit You?

So you have created a unique website that is perfect for your business and tailored to your specific needs, what more could you ask for? With reliable managed hosting and support through drumBEAT, clients can own a more hassle-free site backed by web professionals and managers. Don’t get stuck fixing technical issues and handling time-consuming updates; let the experts do it for you!

Our managed hosting and support services provide customized security, management and updates that keep your site streamlined and seamless for you and your clients. In doing so, these services provide a solution to timely errors so that you may operate the site with ease.

Why Choose DrumBEAT Marketing for Managed Hosting & Support?

At drumBEAT Marketing, our team of highly-skilled professionals is dedicated to keeping our clients ahead of their competitors. With our advanced knowledge in search engine optimization and computer technology, our expertise generates high quality sites with excellent service and support. Contact us today for a superior site that will attract customers and blow away the competition.

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