What is Domain Authority?

domain authority google, what is domain authorityThe Influential Domain Authority

Domain authority has proved to be one of the most influential components of SEO. And, while most see high domain authority as a positive thing, few know what it’s all about. So what is it?

Domain authority represents the strength of a site’s specific domain on the internet. Search engines rate domain authority on a 0 to 100 point logarithmic scale similar to that of page authority. However, this ranking differs from page authority in that it determines the power of the domain or subdomain while page authority determines the power of a single page.

Domain authority projects how high a site will be placed in search engine results by ranking over 150 different factors within the site such as:

  • the number and types of links
  • the age of the site
  • the size or amount of content on the site

Overall, these factors ensure that reliable, quality domains become ranked higher on search engines. How is this determined?

Link Counts

The amount and quality inbound links from other sites is a major reflection of a site’s trustworthiness. For example, persons adding links from their site to yours shows that your domain includes information that is both functional and reliable. Shared information generally equals valued information. Links to sites can provide evidence of domain popularity among browsers. Therefore, domain authority can be greatly improved by solid linkbuilding tactics.

Age of the Domain

A site’s age can say a lot about the domains reputability. The longer a site has lasted on the web, the more consistent and dependable it is thought to be. Many websites fade away within a short period of time due to a failure to compete with other sites, or trouble maintaining the site content. With domains, age can be a sign of endurance and strength.

Amount of Information and Pages

Lastly, domain size indicates the amount of possible inbound links. The size of the domain and number of pages included in the domain account for a greater amount of inbound linking to the site which can generate more traffic. Sites with large numbers of pages mean a greater possibility for lead generation through linked information.

How to Increase Domain Authority

So you’ve got the scoop on domain authority and a few of the components that go into determining your site’s rankings. Just as trust cannot be gained over night, increasing domain authority takes a great deal of time and effort to achieve. Although it is quite difficult to directly manipulate your domain authority, here are a couple of tips to keep in mind:

  • maintain and increase your site’s general SEO
  • update content frequently
  • create information that is worth sharing
  • network with clients and other companies to create possibilities for linkbuilding
  • engage with users on social media to increase potential for content sharing
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