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United Kingdom Plans to Filter the Internet

The Prime Minister for the United Kingdom, David Cameron, announced last week that the UK will implement a law that forces Internet Service Providers to block various kinds of websites unless users opt out of it. The measure has been pushed on the back of concerns over “pornography corroding childhoods,” but it was quickly revealed […]

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Quick Trouble for Tumblr

Tumblr did a bit of tumbling this weekend as it faced a sudden PR snafu and a backlash from its userbase for some of its new changes. Chief among them, Tumblr appeared on Friday to have completely removed their erotica category and removed all blogs tagged as “adult” from both internal and external search engines. […]

bezos and jobs- apple guilty for illegal ebook price fixing

Apple Found Guilty of Illegal Price-Fixing for E-Books

The official ruling has come in for Apple and their E-Books. A federal judge ruled on Tuesday that Apple was guilty of illegal price-fixing in collusion with five of the six major American publishing companies. The decision comes at the end of a string of cases against the publishers themselves that began with accusations of […]

Internet Battle

The Internet is a Battleground

There was once a time, before the age of Youtube and Facebook, when the wild webpages roamed free across the vast expanse of the internet. Unhindered by order or broad and powerful search engines, intrepid geocities pages and the rare business site eked out a meager existence of carefully collected links and networks. The notions of […]

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Microsoft Adds 3D Printing Support to Windows 8.1

Microsoft announced on Wednesday that their update to their newest operating system Windows 8 will have integrated, native support for one of the newest and fastest-growing technologies: 3D Printing. The update, called Windows 8.1, will feature, among other things, programming that allows users to print from applications to a 3D Printer just as easily as […]

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Firefox aims to block Internet Tracking

This Wednesday, the developers of Firefox, Mozilla announced that they are moving forward with their plans to block the most common forms of Internet Tracking with their web browser. Their plans could put an end to targeted advertisements for Firefox users – a future that most advertising groups would like to avoid. Mozilla plans to implement […]

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Why Should You Care About Internet Explorer?

Ten years ago, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer dominated the web with an 85% market share. The minor competitors like Netscape, AOL, and Opera could barely scratch its control. But soon, Mozilla Firefox rose to prominence, stealing almost 50% of the market share by 2008. Then came Google Chrome, the now-reigning-king, with an estimated 52% market share; […]

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Is Google Fiber a Death Knell For Broadcast Television?

It’s been a few months since Google Fiber began really spreading through its first locale, Kansas City. There’s been trepidation about the plan since Google announced it back in 2010: a fiber-optic broadband network designed for gigabit speeds at $70 or less a month. To compare, the highest speeds its competitors offer don’t typically reach […]

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Texas to Implement Unprecedented Email Privacy Bill

On Tuesday, a bill was sent to the the desk of Texas Governor Rick Perry from the State Legislation, detailing new privacy laws for some not-so-new technology: Email. The new bill (HB 2268) requires state law enforcement to obtain a search warrant before they can look into someone’s email, no matter how old the email […]

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Quantum Computing Takes a Quantum Leap

This May, tech-super-giant Google has combined their efforts with NASA and the Universities Space Research Association (USRA, a long-standing coalition of universities founded in 1969) to utilize new, promising technology. The group has purchased a brand new computer for $15 million that can run at speeds up to 3,600 times faster than a normal computer, […]

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